Is a legit website?

Did you receive an email from someone with an address Did you find some information or an offer on a website starting by http(s)://

Probably fraudulent: Public email service

What does that mean?

There is significant reason to suspect that this source is untrustworthy and potentially deceptive.

Be aware that legitimate staff members typically do not use public email services for work-related communication. Request that they contact you from an official organization email address and refrain from trusting any further communication from the initial public email address. This precaution will help protect you from potential fraudulent activity.

What should you do?

Exercise extreme caution when dealing with this website. Its authenticity is dubious and it may carry deceptive content. If possible, seek out alternative and more trustworthy sources for your information.

How many times has been checked?

This domain has been checked 13 times.