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Recently detected fraud attempts

unsdg-emp.org Fraudulent
newstaffhiringportal.net Fraudulent
wcesa-undesa.org Fraudulent
un-career.org Fraudulent

71% of the 3888 checks were not legit

un.org Official source
unicef.org Official source
unops.org Official source
u-nops.org Fraudulent
un-ops.org Fraudulent
untalent.org Legit website
headoffice-un.org Fraudulent
wcesa-undesa.org Fraudulent
asia-un.org Fraudulent
unchannel.org Pay attention
twitter.com Pay attention
gmail.com Probably fraudulent
jobs.unops.org Official source
unjobnet.org Pay attention
reliefweb.int Legit website
jobs.unicsc.org Legit website
facebook.com Pay attention
reddit.com Pay attention
hotmail.com Probably fraudulent
careers.un.org Official source
drc.ngo Official source
jobs.undp.org Official source
unv.org Official source
wfp.org Official source
fao.org Official source
who.int Official source
acted.org Official source
nrc.no Official source
nato.int Official source
iaea.org Official source
onlinevolunteering.org Official source
outlook.com Probably fraudulent
yandex.com Probably fraudulent
icrc.org Official source
icrc.com Fraudulent
uncareer.net Pay attention
impactpool.org Legit website
unop.org Fraudulent
jobszimbabwe.stalva.com Pay attention
yahoo.com Probably fraudulent
un-staff.org Fraudulent
usa.com Probably fraudulent
newstaffhiringportal.work Fraudulent
careers-department.cc Fraudulent
iom.int Official source
job-careersdepartment.cc Fraudulent
mail.pageuppeople.com Probably legit
newrecruitmentportal.work Fraudulent
inspira.un.org Official source
undp.org Official source
app.unv.org Official source
ymail.com Probably fraudulent
libyanmission-un.org Fraudulent
state.gov Official source
rescue.org Official source
careers.unesco.org Official source
unifad.org Fraudulent
yemenhr.com Pay attention
unicefjob.com Fraudulent
americares.org Official source
unitednationscareers.com Pay attention
jobcareersdepartment.cc Fraudulent
un-ops.com Fraudulent
emploitic.com Pay attention
un-job.org Fraudulent
unjobs.org Legit website
jobs-careersdepartments.cc Fraudulent
live.com Probably fraudulent
newstaffhiringsportal.work Fraudulent
worldhealthcareers.org Fraudulent
unitar.org Official source
un-career.org Fraudulent
mail.google.com Probably fraudulent
undesa.org Fraudulent
un-rwa.org Fraudulent
unifard.org Fraudulent
newstaffhirings.work Fraudulent
icloud.com Probably fraudulent
career5.successfactors.eu Probably legit
icscun.org Fraudulent
ic-sc.org Fraudulent
unfraud.org Legit website
undesa-officecsonet.com Fraudulent
desa-csoneoffice.org Fraudulent
ugjobsonline.com Pay attention
yahoo.fr Probably fraudulent
linkedin.com Pay attention
careers.who.int Official source
jobberman.com Pay attention
unwomen.org Official source
desa-csonet.org Fraudulent
un-cte.org Fraudulent
undp.org.uk Fraudulent
protonmail.com Probably fraudulent
ebr-accounting.click Fraudulent
eucompanynetwork.com Fraudulent
eubusinessservices.com Fraudulent
ebrdirectory.com Fraudulent
ebrbusinessreg.eu Fraudulent
eu-business-list.eu Fraudulent
ghs-rf.com Fraudulent
zohomail.com Probably fraudulent
whraf.org Fraudulent
ebr-directory.com Fraudulent
angola.un.org Official source
jobs.unicef.org Official source
mail.yahoo.com Probably fraudulent
unesco.org Official source
vnu.org Fraudulent
unmiss.com Fraudulent
itlos.org Official source
unjoblink.org Pay attention
newstaffhiringportal.net Fraudulent
jobs.gainhealth.org Official source
embassyjobs.net Pay attention
es.unesco.org Official source
unfpa.org Official source
rescue.csod.com Probably legit
ifad.org Official source
osce.org Official source
talent.osce.org Official source
worldhealthcareer.org Fraudulent
vsf-suisse.org Official source
intranet.giz.de Official source
unescap.org Official source
jobs-careersdepartment.cc Fraudulent
qatar-gov.com Fraudulent
ohchr.org Official source
jobs-caeersdepartment.cc Fraudulent
unhcr.org Official source
schengen.work Fraudulent
ngojobsite.com Pay attention
eclac.org Official source
cepal.org Official source
unece.org Official source
asiacareers.com Fraudulent
asia-careers.com Pay attention
undpjob.org Fraudulent
unjoblist.org Legit website
un-iaea.org Fraudulent
desaoffice-un.org Fraudulent
job-careerdepartment.cc Fraudulent
unjob.org Fraudulent
undpjobs.net Pay attention
headoffce-un.org Fraudulent
un-ifc.org Fraudulent
un-wfp.org Fraudulent
yahoo.co.uk Probably fraudulent
desa-csonetoffice.org Fraudulent
jobcareer-departments.cc Fraudulent
stcuk.taleo.net Probably legit
unjobstenders.com Pay attention
careers-africa.com Pay attention
un-dsc.org Fraudulent
unaids.org Official source
ri.org Official source
hrm-unops.org Fraudulent
jobcareers-department.cc Fraudulent
rescue-uk.org Official source
career-departments.live Fraudulent
ifc.org Official source
careersdepartment.live Fraudulent
jobscareer-department.cc Fraudulent
webgate.ec.europa.eu Official source
yahoo.es Probably fraudulent
wfp.pacific.emploiportal.work Fraudulent
jobcareer-department.cc Fraudulent
jobcareer-departments.com Fraudulent
jobcareerportal.cc Fraudulent
uncied.org Fraudulent
csonetundesa.org Fraudulent
jobcareer-portal.cc Fraudulent
unsdg-emp.org Fraudulent
csonethk-desa.org Fraudulent
csonetundesa.ord Fraudulent
jobscareer-portals.cc Fraudulent
undesa-officenet.com Fraudulent
unsdgemp.org Fraudulent
unsungemp.org Fraudulent
unsung-emp.org Fraudulent
jobscareer-portal.cc Fraudulent
unsdg.emp.org Fraudulent
undp-ug.org Fraudulent