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Did you receive an email from someone with an address Did you find some information or an offer on a website starting by http(s)://

Fraudulent use: Inexisting subdomain

What does that mean?

While this address seems linked to a legitimate organization, yet it's being manipulated by scammers for fraudulent activities.

They craft deceptive subdomains under this official domain to create a false sense of legitimacy. In their schemes, scammers typically utilize two email addresses: one that appears to belong to the organization (which fails to receive any messages due to the incorrect subdomain) and another, which is the scammer’s actual address where they collect the communicated information.

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If you suspect or have encountered a scam or fraudulent activity involving, please report it immediately:

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What should you do?

Avoid interacting with this domain and do not trust the content presented. Make sure to report the site to the appropriate authority or organization for further investigation.