Is a legit website?

Did you receive an email from someone with an address Did you find some information or an offer on a website starting by http(s)://

Is it legit? Short answer: yes. However, if there are other URLs or email addresses in the content you are trying to verify for legitimacy, you should also check them.

Legit website: Legit unofficial service

What does that mean?

The content of this website is verified and backed by trustworthy sources, suggesting a high degree of reliability.

While this service is not officially affiliated with the United Nations, it does utilize official sources in its operations. Hence, treat the information as generally reliable but always cross-check with the original official sources whenever possible.

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What should you do?

Feel confident in the authenticity of this website. While the site content is generally dependable, it's good practice to verify the mentioned official sources for maximum certainty.

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